Good habits turn laziness into smarts!

Sometimes all that holds us back from our dreams is a lack of good habits. When you have good habits that you practice consistently, life becomes much more meaningful and almost effortless. This state is called momentum and it’s such a great feeling.

Successful people have mastered the mundane things in life, whereas people who constantly struggle to make break throughs often self-sabotage their success by refusing to build good habits.

So remember that Good habits + consistency = momentum

There are lots of people who are actually what I call ‘smart lazy’. They use the time and effort it takes to create good habits to get in the ‘driver’s seat’ and have control of their lives.

I encourage you to do some honest self-analysis and decide how you really want to live! Don’t let the lack of good habits sabotage your future. Become habit smart today!



This is Yvonne Godfrey author of ‘Making it on My Own’ 52 Smart Ways to Smash it in the Real World.