Coaching Package with Yvonne Godfrey


3 sessions of 60 – 75 mins $595 incl. GST

These sessions are to be used within 3 months of the first one. Yvonne works with clients face to face in Wanaka. All other areas via Zoom.

  • After the 3 sessions are completed, clients may book single sessions at $165 incl. GST
  • Yvonne’s books and videos may be purchased separately.


Our family coaching journey with Yvonne Godfrey started 9 years ago when our kids were teenagers, and continues to this day.

Yvonne started giving us practical tools to set up and maintain boundaries, discipline and family chore structures. Now, the family use her as a mentor and advisor on relationships and career paths.

Having Yvonne as a family coach has been a special privilege for our family. She has been a source of clear headedness and wise guidance. She can look at situations through the lens of objectivity, based on her academic knowledge reinforced with real- life experiences.

Yvonne’s greatest strength is her extraordinary empathy and caring. Her mind and heart are open so that she relates to families of any religious, ethnic or socio- economic background.

We are forever grateful to Yvonne. Working with her has been the best decision for our family.

Amy Danesh-Clough

Parent of 3 Young Adults

In the last few years Yvonne has been my Mentor and Life/Business Coach on 2 books that I have written. One is published; ‘For the Love of Christmas,’ and the one I’m working on now is ‘For the Love of Hospitality.’

Yvonne is always coming up with new ideas which are very helpful to pull more and better ideas out of me. If it hadn’t been for Yvonne, I don’t think my second book would be happening.

I’ve found Yvonne to be honest and real and she cares enough to tell you the mistakes and what you need to do to make a top-quality book or anything you put your hand to.

Yvonne just doesn’t stop at that, she makes sure you have the right editor, designer and printer which is most helpful to anyone starting off in a new field. Yvonne’s expertise in these areas is invaluable.

Yvonne has also helped my solo daughter out who was having issues with one of her teenage children. She has such a wealth of knowledge in helping parents with teenagers in a field where there aren’t enough people who can see both sides of an issue, which Yvonne is very gifted in doing.

I have found Yvonne always has my best interests at heart. I see and feel that by her love, and the positive way she leaves me feeling. I have loved working with her and trust I can for my next book. I would totally recommend Yvonne for a Life and family coach.

Heather McCall
Director Design Touch Flowers

I have known Yvonne Godfrey for just over 21 years. During that time I have born witness to the transformation that she brings about through her commitment and dedication to supporting families.

She is an inspirational speaker and coach, and an astute business owner and a model of modern leadership in New Zealand.

Pat Armistead
Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Author and Coach NSANZ Speaker of the year

Yvonne and I speak regularly about formal and informal matters to the extent that I always come away from our interactions with many gems of wisdom and thoughtful reflection.

I have recently been engaged in writing a new book titled ‘Leading to the North-East’. This book is about how school leaders can support their teachers to improve the educational outcomes of Māori children.

Yvonne has been extremely supportive of my attempts to reach and to engage a wider audience than I have in the past, to address this serious topic. It’s not easy to convince school leaders to play a significant role. Yvonne has been instrumental in supporting me in this work.

Part of my work also involves making presentations to large groups of teachers and school leaders, including principals, about how they can improve the learning outcomes of Māori students, mainly in mainstream, English-medium schools.

Yvonne has been significant in assisting me with my communication and presentation skills. In this frame, Yvonne has been extremely helpful by going over my power point slides to make them more ‘impactful’, and to get the message across more effectively and efficiently.

I am very grateful to her for her support and guidance, and I would commend her to anyone in need of supportive coaching or mentoring without hesitation.

Russell Bishop
Emeritus Professor PhD ONZM University of Waikato

Author of 10 Books Including Teaching to the North-East and Leading to the North-East

I have had the privilege of knowing Yvonne  for almost 20 years as a mentor, life coach and more recently a wise and supportive friend.

My childhood, which was extremely dysfunction shaped my parenting, both good and bad. I have two grown up sons and I made a promise when my eldest was born:

‘I will never allow my children to face the challenges and hardships I faced, I will ensure that they live a carefree life, filled with joy, laughter, abundance and fun, they will feel safe and loved and nurtured, they will want for nothing, and they will never know physical or mental cruelty.’

A noble promise, but one I now realise was not based on sound logic but instead on fear of repeating the past. I succeeded in ensuring that my boys lived a sheltered life. They never had to deal with real hardships, they have been indulged, have never had to shoulder responsibility, do chores, or want for anything.

But, in keeping this promise I deprived them of all that was good about my childhood. I failed to teach them the life skills they needed to transition from child to adult. I love my sons dearly but given my time again, and from what I have learned from Yvonne,  I would parent very differently.

I have shared many significant changes and challenges with Yvonne as a guide and mentor, not all bad but many complex. We don’t always agree on the course of action, but I always respect her views and her advice as I know it comes from a place of wanting to make things better for me and my family.

Mandy Stephens

Parent and Business Woman

I came across Yvonne when she presented a talk at Auckland Grammar School, where my 13 year old twin sons were attending. I immediately knew that I wanted Yvonne to work with my family as a coach, as we were experiencing many emotionally charged times in our household.

Yvonne came to our home where she took the time to get to know our 3 children individually, and to my husband and me, too. We had subsequent visits with Yvonne as our family coach, and each of us benefitted individually and differently from her coaching.

An unexpected benefit for me was the personal guidance I received from Yvonne. My late forties were a challenging time for me emotionally, and having three teenagers who were simultaneously going through their own life challenges, wasn’t easy. I questioned myself a lot, and with Yvonne’s coaching found my own grounding again.

Tanja Blinkhorn

Parent and Wellness Coach

I met Yvonne in 2016, after attending a talk she held at a local school.

At that time my daughters were 15 and 18, and my husband & I were experiencing a few issues with our youngest that we wanted to handle appropriately, and so we sought out the knowledge that Yvonne was offering in her MIOMO courses.

Yvonne was approachable, knowledgeable and happy to listen to our concerns.

As a family we came to know Yvonne well over the following years, as our daughter put into place some new life skills that she had acquired. Yvonne showed a continued interest in our family unit. She has a caring nature, but with the right amount of ‘direct’ conversation when she can see it is needed & warranted.

Her help came at the right time for our family, and we were fortunate to have gained the benefit of her professionalism, wisdom & knowledge.

Sharon Sharp

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Yvonne, approximately 12 years ago, as a possible mentor and coach.

At that time, I had recently moved to Auckland, and needed wise counsel to support my move, my finances and my career. I met Yvonne and within minutes knew that she was the right person to work with.

Yvonne has high levels of integrity and is extremely humble. She always finds a way to help people be stronger, better, more courageous and successful in their lives.

Yvonne is that one person in my life that continues to pop up at the right time.

Eloise Tzimas

High Performance Coach Consultant, Facilitator

I first met Yvonne in 2017 when she presented on the topic of ‘Relationship and Conflict Resolution’ between parents and their young adults at Auckland Boys Grammar School, where my son was a student at the time. I was instantly captivated by her poignant message, clear communication, wit, and ability to engage her audience.

I was so impressed by Yvonne’s presentation and her books, that I enrolled my 16-year-old daughter into her trademark course ‘Making it on my Own’ or MIOMO.

Yvonne is very passionate about helping young adults to mature and become independent and to strengthen families by helping everyone understand each other. I always feel heard and seen by her.

I have undergone numerous one on one life coaching sessions with Yvonne. She has a gifted ability to understand my situation, provide constructive advice, and to help me find a way forward.

Yvonne is kind and gentle yet firm. I am eternally grateful to have met Yvonne for the guidance and care she has given my family and I over the years.

Justine Andrew
Clinical Nurse Specialist

Yvonne has been a powerful force for me both personally and professionally.

With her guidance I fine-tuned my book Simply L.O.V.E, marketed it successfully, and produced a top-quality book launch. Her skills and experience have provided strategic guidance and enhanced my work’s quality and reach.

Yvonne is an expert in her field and yet her easy relatability has allowed her to resonate with me as an individual in my personal life, strengthening me for my work and wellbeing. Yvonne’s down to earth approach leaves you knowing that someone else is on your team. I cannot recommend her enough.

Leanne Seniloli

B Teaching (ECE), NDT (INPP)
New Zealand Registered Teacher, Neuro Developmental Educator

I first met Yvonne Godfrey almost 20 years ago. From my first interaction with her, I knew she was someone who could mentor me, as she had a proven track record of success, using timeless, fundamental principles.

In my life planning, Yvonne has enabled me to see a clear vision and future, which has led me to recently launch a business.

Yvonne’s integrity is without question. She has set and achieved significant life goals for herself, and that has enabled her to assist others with truly realising their full potential. Across New Zealand and Australia Yvonne is well-known as a successful life coach and mentor, as well as an author and impactful public speaker

I cannot recommend Yvonne highly enough for any influential Life and Family Coaching position – she simply delivers the goods – and has had an impact on many people like myself.

Mick Cottrell
Manager Aeronautical and Market Development
Auckland Airport

Some people cross your path at just the right time, others inspire it and guide it. Yvonne Godfrey has done all 3 for me for well over a decade now and her influence on what I get to do and offer the world today is HUGE!

Today I speak at over 100 events per year globally, and I regularly meet people who have either heard Yvonne speak, read her books, or had a young adult in one of her programs.

Setting up a business, writing books, standing on stages, getting in front of the media, continually giving to others…none of this is EASY…Yvonne is a Master of them all.

Cam Calkoen Inspirational Speaker