Learn to Adult Speak

As a young adult – it’s important to communicate well with the 2 generations older than you who can open doors, and give you opportunities.

Start by greeting people with confidence – a good hand shake – eye contact and a warm smile!

But it goes beyond that. I call it adult speak – both written and verbal.

Create a great CV! Did you know that employers look at CVs for only 5 – 7 seconds before it goes into the bin or the interview pile. You need to make the cut!

Your CV gets you the interview, but your face to face communication skills will nail you the position.

Speak clearly so the other person can hear you and understand what you are saying.

Finish each word before starting the next word!

Avoid using repetitive words such as like.

These simple skills will give you the competitive edge.



This is Yvonne Godfrey author of ‘Making it on My Own’ 52 Smart Ways to Smash it in the Real World.