I had the privilege of attending MIOMO when I was 18 (2011). Coming from a pretty broken home I had no values, self worth and lack of direction.

Im now 22, a good mother, a supportive partner and have achieved so much since attending MIOMO and I owe all my thanks to the programme. My partner and I are caregivers for foster children and I have just finished working with mental health (due to having a baby).

All of the things that I wanted to achieve in life such as helping other people has happened and I will continue on this journey.
I am completing three half marathons this year which I would never have dreamed of doing but thanks to MIOMO I have set many goals and completed them.

I am surprised how much MIOMO still impacts my life and whenever I have a hard decision to face, reflection of my time on the course always helps. I made many life long friends in my ten days at MIOMO and still tell people it was the best thing that ever happened for me.

So, if you have the opportunity to do Miomo or work with Yvonne Godfrey, I highly recommend it.

Lucinda Stone, 22