When I first suggested the Miomo program to my son Hugo, he refused to entertain the idea. But, Yvonne came to the house anyway and had a long talk with him, alone. To this day I have no idea what she said to him, but whatever it was, Hugo was desperate to go on Miomo, and as soon as possible. Yvonne had gained his full trust, (which was something I was unable to do).

Hugo loved the course and gained so much from it. Yvonne gave me regular updates by Email or phone, although I didn’t have any contact with Hugo, until the day he graduated, which I sadly missed as I was in the UK taking care of my very ill Mother.

When I returned to NZ, I had a completely different son. Hugo now had aims and ambition and had regained his love of life. As the months progressed I often phoned or emailed Yvonne, to ask her opinion or to help with a situation, She was always happy to listen and give advice, retraining my way of thinking!

This was three years ago now, Hugo has never looked back and neither have I! This was all down to Yvonne and Miomo (and of course all the wonderful people she had helping her). Hugo is still in regular contact with Yvonne, they often meet up for a coffee and chat, and I am sure this will be a lifelong friendship! Thanks Yvonne!!!