How to be Respected as an Adult.

Lucy was 21, flatting in an expensive suburb, but earning the minimum wage. Everything was going wrong in her life. She was a hopeless flatmate and kept falling out with people, and she was living substandardly.

Because she couldn’t pay her way, Lucy was constantly asking her Dad for money.

I taught her a wide range of life skills and attitudes and after just 10 weeks, Lucy was in a totally different space.

She was now a great flat mate and was managing her health and her relationships. She even had the courage to ask for a massive pay rise!

So how did Lucy change her circumstances and dramatically increase her income by a massive 70%?

Before our coaching, she thought, spoke and acted like a child. But, after learning valuable principals, Lucy began Thinking, Speaking and Acting like a young adult, which translated into her being treated as one.


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