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Yvonne Godfrey speaks on Radio Live’s Parenting Panel

Wendyl Nissen is joined in studio by John Cowan from The Parenting Place and Yvonne Godfrey of The Parenting Place and MIOMO (Making it on my own) to talk parenting.

MIOMO’s Yvonne Godfrey and The Parenting Place’s John Cowan join Wendyl Nissen in The Long Lunch studio looking at how to get your kids back into the school routine.

Wendyl Nissen and Yvonne Godfrey are joined by a couple of teens on the parenting panel, Shaun Olsen who’s heading into year 12 and Amelia Blackwell who is off to university in Wellington.

Together they take a look at the problems parents have raising teenagers.

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Today the panel looks at the stresses of Christmas.

The Parenting Place’s John Cowan and Making It On My Own‘s Yvonne Godfrey join Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch with this week’s Parenting Panel.

Are you having trouble with Christmas planning? The panel has some ideas to get you through the silly-season.

For many Christmas can also be a very overwhelming time. It can be a time of great sadness if it represents a loved one’s passing or trauma.

Yvonne Godfrey says a lot of the stresses all come down to poor planning and high expectations.

Today the panel looks at what parents can do now that exams have finished and teenagers are on holiday.

The Parenting Place’s John Cowan and Making It On My Own‘s Yvonne Godfrey join Lisa Owen on The Long Lunch with this week’s Parenting Panel.

Parents should make sure their kids they are using their time productively and keeping a routine in the household.

For younger children, what are the best ways of keeping them amused and in a routine over the long school holidays?  The panel also has some ideas for choosing a babysitter and holidaying with other families.

Delivering tragic news to children can be a sticky situation. Whether it’s a death in the family or a sudden divorce, the Parenting Panel has suggestions on how to help your children cope.

John Cowan and Yvonne Godfrey join Lisa Owen on The Long Lunch to review techniques on breaking bad news to children.

Don’t expect them to be able to respond, Mr Cowan says. While they may be feeling very powerful emotions, they may not be able to express it.

Kids have a very limited emotional vocabulary.

From helping children study for exams to getting kids their first part time gigs, John Cowan and Yvonne Godfrey discuss the solutions. Lisa Owen is joined on The Long Lunch by Cowen and Godfrey on The Parenting Panel.

Topics include:

  • How to study for the exams coming up. What’s a parent’s role in helping kids get through them?
  • How young people get through the holidays without getting into trouble. What do they do with all that free time?
  • And for parents with tiny tots – how does one amuse younger children for such a long time?
  • How to get a part time job?
  • What to do with child’s part time job money? Should they give any to the family or use it all for themselves?
  • If your kids are saving for something big – should parents still take board from them?
  • How much board should older children pay if living at home? What’s fair?
  • Motivating ‘frozen’ teens, helping them discover their passion,  etc.

Yvonne Godfrey from MIOMO joins Wendyl Nissen to talk about what to do if kids go off the rails and how to keep teenagers talking to you.

John and Yvonne join Wendyl for the Parenting Panel this week looking at family rituals, culture and if you should be a parent or a friend to your children.

John and Yvonne join Wendyl for the Parenting Panel this week looking at how to deal with lying kids.

Yvonne Godfrey and John Cowan speak with Wendyl on Radio Live Parenting Panel raising the question ‘Are your kids doing too much after school?’

This week on the Parenting Panel with John and Yvonne we’re looking at dealing with bad behaviour in children and how to build relationships to minimise and resolve conflict.

Today on the Parenting Panel we look at helping children through anxiety and how much pocket money should your kids get?

with Joy Sluiters & Yvonne Godfrey

On The Long Lunch with Wendyl Nissen the Parenting Panel are discussing an issue that is more common than thought in New Zealand; Grandparents raising their grandchildren. Joining Wendyl is John Cowan from the Parenting Place & Yvonne Godfrey from MIOMO (Making it on my own) along with guest Kate Bundlle from Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Charitable Trust NZ.

On Friday’s (14/07) Parenting Panel, Wendyl is joined by John Cowan from The Parenting Place and Yvonne Godfrey​ from MIOMO (Making It On My Own.)

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